This unfair advantage helps us bring you a buyer that buys your house at your price and on your terms. In the last 12 months, we have sold our clients’ homes at 99% of their listing price! We are very proud of this accomplishment.

The James Gray Team 7 Tier
Listing Success Road Map

In preparing to find the buyer for your home, we do a level of analysis, preparation and execuation that unparalleled in our industry. There are 133 steps in the James Gray Team listing plan. Here is brief overview of each section of our process:


Getting this step exactly right is critical to success. An in-depth analysis of your home in the context of the existing market is crucial. We look very closely at:
  • Recent comparable home sale failures
  • Pending comparable home sales review
  • Geographic comparable home sales
  • Current active comparable home inventory
  • Active inventory home specs review & comparison
  • Absorption rates and inventory analysis
  • Average days on market
  • Unique market influencers
  • Bank mortgage interest rates
  • Examine mortgage payoff amounts and project net profits after the sale
We then lay this analysis over top of your unique goals in selling. At this point we begin to design a winning marketing and pricing strategy for your home.


When it comes to selling houses, we understand that precise analysis plus excellent preparation are the building blocks to a successful sale. These prepartory steps include:
  • An extensive pre-listing staging consultation to ensure that the home is properly composed to attract the correct buyer.
  • We conduct a professional photo and video shoot to ensure that the home looks like it belongs in a magazine.
  • Jim Gray uses his professional copy writing skills to compose an exciting and comprehensive property description.
  • Brochures, websites, flyers, calling lists, and email lists are assembled.
  • All essential market details for the home are compiled (school districts, true taxes, improvement lists, etc).


Once the analysis and preparation is complete, we deploy the listing into the market place using a very aggressive, multi-pronged, cross-platform approach designed to generate the maximum level of qualified potential buyer traffic viewing all of the property details. JGT Maximum Exposure Tactics include:
  • Old-School Telemarketing: Our team literally hops on the phones and calls anywhere from 100 – 500+ households that exist within in a 1 to 3 mile radius of your home. Many times, we find that one of your neighbors knows someone that wants to move into the neighborhood
  • MULTIPLE Yard Signs: Most agents put 1 small sign in the yard. We put THREE. The purpose is to MAXIMIZE the drive by traffic and entice interested buyers to reach out and speak to us immediately.
  • WORLD-WIDE Listing Syndication: Within 72 hours your listing will be visible on over 300 websites world-wide.
  • AGGRESSIVE Social Media Push
  • City-Wide Buyer Agent Network: We immediately let all the top buyer agent in Monroe and surrounding counties know the listing is available by emailing directly to them the full listing details.
  • Buyers-In-Waiting Push: over 100 new buyer-prospects opt into James Gray Team web assets every single month. We promote your listing directly to every, single one.


James Gray Team agents start their day, every day, at 8:30am and work straight through to 6pm. The reason that this is very important to our customers is that we chase down all possible buyer leads IMMEDIATELY. The vast majority of phone calls to real estate agents go unreturned or are very slowly returned. We know that the speed of response has a direct effect on making a sale. We take being responsive to potential buyers very, very seriously.


Because we have a full back-office administrative support for every transaction, outside agents LOVE to work with us because they know that if they bring a buyer, the transaction will proceed seamlessly to a closing. Why this is important is that when the outside agents see that you are listing with JGT, they will pitch your listing very hard to their clients.


The sale of your home is likely the largest financial transaction that you will make in your lifetime. Because this is true, you want a HIGHLY SEASONED negotiator on your side to make sure you get the most money for your home. We’ve sold almost 300 homes in the last 3 ½ years and have been able to get 99% of the listing price for our sellers, on average, in the last 12 months.


Execution is EVERYTHING. Every agent on the James Gray Team has a full team of administrative support personnel around them that is designed to make sure that all facets of every piece of the home selling process goes off flawlessly.