I think that’s a fair question. The truth of the matter
is that a Realtor, and the family they represent
during the buying and selling process, become very,
very close. Leaving a home and moving to a new
home is an emotional experience. A competent real
estate agent must be both dispassionate and
passionate through the entire experience. He must
be dispassionate to advise you clearly on all the
decisions you must make—but—he must be
passionate about making sure that your interests
are always protected. It can be a challenging line to

Like you, I have a very deep and personal
connection to the concept of “going home.” Like
you, I’m sure, my family is my home. Fifteen years
ago I almost lost my wife and infant daughter in a
car accident. There was a 24 hour period where it
looked as though my wife would not survive her
injuries. I remember in the darkest moments of that
long night I was plagued by the notion that, if I lost
my wife, I would never “go home” again. Thankfully,
she survived. And now, knowing that at the end of
each day I will see them both, makes “going home”
sweet, indeed.

Of all the professions in which I could use my years
of strategic marketing expertise, I cannot think of a
more rewarding application than for me and my
team of experts to help hundreds of families, each
year, arrive at that most precious and sacred of all
places: Home.

It would be our great privilege and pleasure to help
you and your family go home.